About Us

Heart Captions began in 2008 when I discovered a new-found love for custom signs.  I wanted to make my own after already purchasing several from a local shop.  Not long after, I woke up from a dream with a new concept of how to make signs and it actually worked!  It's important to note that these were the days before Pinterest, so every new step and idea that evolved was totally organic. (This is still how I prefer to operate)
I hadn't planned on starting a business, but to my surprise people wanted to buy my signs!  Fast forward a few months and we were selling them at local shows and then we eventually opened up a store in the mall.  Our website was born and so was our Etsy shop!
We have always looked for new ideas and high-quality custom products.  I truly believe what we have today is something you don't see every day.  And with the help of amazing technology, I'm able to create some beautiful quality pieces.
In addition to sign making, I am a mom to four amazing boys and have been married to my wonderful husband Jason for 20 years.  I love any opportunity to be creative and enjoy fixing up old furniture and spaces. 
- Coreen